Supplementary Child Allowance

Erklärfilm: der Kinderzuschlag

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The child supplement is paid to parents who would earn enough for just themselves, but whose income is not or is only barely enough to cover all the family’s needs. The child supplement amounts to a maximum of 292 euros per month per child. It is paid for each unmarried child under 25 years of age if the following conditions are met: You receive child benefit for the child concerned. Your income does not fall below a certain minimum income threshold. This minimum gross income threshold is 900 euros for couples and 600 euros for single parents.

Additionally, you may also be eligible to receive the child supplement if the total amount of income from gainful employment, the child supplement and housing allowance is no more than 100 euros below the entitlement threshold according to the Social Code II (SGB II). Your children’s income, for instance child maintenance or advance maintenance payments, is only counted toward the child supplement to 45 percent. It is also worth applying if you are a single parent and are on a low income.

In addition to the child supplement, you can also receive education and participation benefits, such as free communal lunch at school and in child daycare facilities as well as a school supplies package amounting to 195 euros.

Moreover, recipients of the child supplement or housing benefit are exempt from child daycare fees. Applications for child supplement are to be made in writing, to the Federal Employment Agency’s Family Benefits Office. You may also check whether you are eligible for the child supplement by using the KiZ-Lotse of the Family Benefits Office. Visit to complete your application online.

Further details on the individual benefits and services are also available in the Familienportal (Family Portal) of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs. Please also use the online infotool of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs. By providing a few details, you can find out which family benefits you may be eligible to receive.